Dune bashing on red dunes in Dubai is a must-do trip if you’re ever in Dubai, United Arab Emirates! Dune-bashing in Dubai is a fantastic way to explore the red dunes and have fun, whether or not you are a thrill-seeker at heart. Due to how exhilarating it is, drifting over Dubai’s gentle dunes continues to remain at the top of most travellers’ list of must-do activities.

You are surrounded by several dune-bashing places, camel rides, meals in a Bedouin camp, henna hand painting, and belly dance, all of which enhance the experience. Although there are many other firms offering desert safaris, we highly suggest this one.

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner Package

Driving across sand dunes at varying speeds is known as “dune bashing”. A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is typically needed to handle the terrain since the sand’s surface is constantly shifting. You should anticipate stopping to let the air out of the tires from the car since doing so increases grip against shifting sand.

Dune bashing

What to expect when dune-bashing in Dubai

In many cases, these Dubai desert tour experiences begin with pick-up from your hotel or place of residence, followed by a 45–60 minute journey to a sparse desert scene where there are no city noises to harm your hearing or tall structures to obstruct your vision.

The trip’s dune bashing portion is an hour-long, rough, and exhilarating ride. As they carry out their feats, the cars move in a convoy and stay close to one another. If you’re anything like me, you’ll relish the skidding, swerving, and slipping while occasionally grabbing your seat and yelling and shouting at various volumes. Additionally, there is a heck of a lot of sand!

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Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner Package