Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, attracts people with its magnificent buildings, beautiful fountains, boundless deserts, and much more. Taking a short trip to experience the fascinating life of Dubai will surely be on the bucket list of almost every traveller. The one thing that you don’t want to miss during this trip is the challenging desert safaris.

Of all the other attractions in Dubai, the journey to the deserts will be the most thrilling and jaw-dropping one. Dune bashing and buggy tours in the Arabian Desert will be one of a kind and there is no chance for regrets. One must be totally prepared for this journey as it takes a lot of effort to cherish those moments in the hard surroundings. But all the struggles will be worth it.

A well-planned tour package can help those adventure freaks who wish to explore the deserts in Dubai. Contact a professional team to manage the journey as they can schedule the trip from start to the end more systematically.

Here are the top 4 interesting things to do during a desert safari in Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner



A safari to encounter the beauty of the deserts! An evening trip that can cheer you up. You can experience sandboarding, camel riding, other adventurous activities and some camp activities after sunset along with a BBQ dinner at the camps. The total cost per person will be around AED 140 and total duration of the safari will be 5-7 hours.


Quad bike tour with BBQ dinner



Experience the beauty of the Arabian Desert and get a good start to the day. Morning and evening sessions are available for the quad bike tour. Choose the rides according to your convenience and experience the charm of the desert to the fullest. The total expenditure can range from AED 200 to AED 700 per person depending upon the package you choose. The total duration for the entire activity will be around 7 hours.

It includes a quad bike tour, sandboarding, camel riding, camp activities, belly dance, Tanoura show, and BBQ dinner. A great meal after the hustle and bustle of the day will be a perfect finish.


Camel Safari




A trip to the Arabian deserts will be incomplete without a camel safari. Get a camera and pose for a picture just like someone from an old folk tale. Truly, a moment to cherish!

The safari includes morning, evening and sunrise camel trekking. The cost per person ranges from AED 100 to AED 250 depending on the type of safari that you choose.


Buggy tour with BBQ dinner



Get a first-hand experience of the zestful buggy tour. Select the type of vehicle you prefer and enjoy the off-road experience. It also includes sandboarding, camp activities, belly dance, Tanoura show and BBQ dinner. You can spend up to 7 hours in the desert and the cost per person ranges between AED 750 to AED 1700.

Desert safari in the evening will always be more enchanting. It is always better to go on a desert safari in the evening as it includes more activities than daytime. You can enjoy the scorching sun as well as the chilly weather after sunset.

You are surely going to have a great time in the deserts no matter which adventurous activities or tour package you choose. That’s the magic of the Arabian lands. In the end, all that matters is the memory that you collect from the places you visit. The memory from the desert safari in Dubai is going to stay with you for a very long time. So, what are you waiting for?